Isabel Reads
The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Quick Summary: A boy named Hugo finds a strange machine that he believes will change his life if he can fix it. In the process, he makes friends and learns about magic, the movies, and how to start over.

Isabel: This book was not what I was expecting. I picked it up because the cover looked cute and kind of steampunk or maybe fantasy but it ended up being a whimsical story that was about movies, clock-keeping, inventions, and finding family. I love the way the author drew the story instead of just writing it. I also enjoyed seeing the stills from the old movies that he referenced. The book was very unusual because it was almost half images rather than text. The story was cute but I felt that it was a little disconnected at times. It was very whimsical and sweet but not super substantial. I would recommend this as a novelty book or as a visual treat because while the story was light, the images were often stunning. This book was beautifully crafted which is a nice change from the text only paperbacks I usually read.