Isabel Reads
The Hunger Games

I just finished the third book in the hunger games series. I read the first one a few months ago and the second one yesterday and last week. It was an incredible series. There are very few books that can compete with the harry potter series for me in terms of how much hope they give me, how much they challenge me, and how they move my heart but this series was a worthy contender. I am not sure where I stand after reading them. They made me question my own heart and wonder if I would be able to withstand the emotional and physical fires katniss survived in the books. I don’t know if I would be the same person after all that but the books inspire me to be something greater than myself, to be a spark in my own world. It was a very satisfying read and while it was somewhat disturbing that the author could imagine such evil (and that I had no problem understanding and even knowing it), it was also heartening that she could create such a blazing forceful image of hope and change and life even in a twisted fictional world. Kudos to the author for three spectacular and riveting reads.