Isabel Reads
The Guardian

Quick summary: A demi-god takes a dream hunter prisoner to try and find the object that his dark master, Noir, is searching for. They both find out that neither of them is who they were expected to be and that the fate of their world might be at stake if Noir finds what he is looking for.

Isabel: This book was really good. I loved how the relationship between the two main characters developed. It was a little over the top but I appreciated how they both had flaws and strengths and even though they hurt each other they could still move past that to find love. I feel like the back story would have been a little richer if I had read the other books in the series first. Other than that, I really liked this one.

Bear: It was good. I knew it was going to be good because I liked her other stuff.

Isabel: I love how she made him sound so sweet and vulnerable.

Bear: And beefy and hot too. Hehe :D